Despite the suitcase staring at me in the corner I am finally settled back into my little apartment after a week long, much needed vacation to Mississippi. Friends...It's that time of year again...the time when you get to eat good food, drink good drinks, celebrate with good friends and family, and ring your COWBELL (respectfully that is)!! I L.O.V.E MSU football and I could hardly wait to be on the plane to Starkville to cheer on the Dawgs. I flew into the wonderful GTR on Friday the third to be greeted by my two wonderful friends Bailey and Audrey and of course we kept it classy by passing a bottle of Andre around the car to celebrate the roommate reunion...(Viv you were greatly missed). We spent the rest of the night catching up and my sweet parents joined us too!
My sweet chauffeurs
Nothing like celebrating a reunion with some terrible shots!

Game Day! I can't even explain how good it felt to wake up in the Cotton District Saturday morning. We sat on the front porch and watch the day come to life over a cup of coffee and good convo...then the coffee turned to mimosas and adorning ourselves in white. It really was the perfect day for tailgating and watching the bulldogs open up with a 42-7 win over Memphis!

My long lost friend!

I even got to visit the wonderful town of Livingston, Alabama! Sunday Dad and I went to the Waters camp house to shoot skeet and eat some of Mr. ML's amazing ribs! I am pretty sure just about every weekend of my senior year of college was spent in Starkville, Tuscaloosa, or the grand town of Livingston with the Alabama boys. I was loving being back...I miss the outdoors. I got to shoot skeet, drink beer with a "huggie" around it, and fish (even though Bo caught the only one) all in the good company of The Waters, The Trulsens, and Andrew and Bo.

The Kids
Scary I know, but I hit my first three!!
The MASSIVE and only fish Bo caught!

Monday I headed to Meridian to spend a few days. I got to watch some Lamar football and hang out with Cori Jane and the "Josh Luke family" some more. It was nice to be home but it was a rude awakening to the fact that I am a grown up now. I literally only have a few friends that reside in Meridian. It was kind of sad but it gave me a lot of time to hangout with those few friends and my family. While I was in Meridian I got to squeeze in the traditional Waters/Luke family dinner at Northwood, Mia gave me a tour of her treehouse (which has professional plans-JEALOUS), sweating profusely through a Lamar Junior High Football game, lunch at Deli on Fifth, morning workouts with my parents, scouring the town for a maroon dress for Cori, and lots of naps on the living room couch with my dog beside me!

Will rocking the family number 13!
After Cooper's Friday night game at Heritage. He actually quit texting and gave us a little smile!
No football game is complete without the cutest cheerleader ever with Coke bottles for poms-poms!!

Wednesday brought another trip back to Starkville to get ready for another game day for the Dawgs and share good times with the Reins! I have not seen Mr. Bill and Mrs. Melinda in years and she was so sweet to remember my favorite Lace cookies and Greek salad. We enjoyed a good meal at Restaurant Tyler that night and also discovered Dad and I should not enter any dart competitions anytime soon. The old folks left me at the bar to hang out with friends and the night ended after Taylor, Jac, and I talked for hours on their back patio. Thursday was another day of mimosas and adorning ourselves in Maroon. This game day was not quite as perfect as the last. I swear the humidity was atleast 150% and it was 200 degrees outside and I am not a fan of heat AT ALL! Even though it was hot as hell and we lost a close one it was still fun hanging out with the family! We even let Mr. Bill and Mrs. Melinda back in the house to sleep that night :)!

Maroon Family Pic
My parents and the Reins
Caleb Wade and I sweating in the Junction!

The rest of the weekend was perfect and relaxing. Mom, Caleb, Betsy and I went to The Grill for lunch on Friday to satisfy my need of cheese sticks. Friday night I went to watch the Raiders play Heritage and the whole Luke family plus some went to the one and only "Mexican Restaurant" in Columbus, MS. I am sure they were delighted when 20 people walked in the door at 10 o' clock on a Friday night for dinner! My last full day home couldn't have been better. After I said my good byes to the "Josh Luke family" ...I took a nice nap on my favorite couch with Dad's voice constantly mentioning the bike ride Mom and I were supposed to be joining him on so the nap was over soon and we were up and at it to the Refuge with three bikes in the back of the truck just in time for the thunderstorm! We kept thinking the rains may stop but they never did so we got on our metal bikes and took off into lightening and rain (real safe). We survived and it was so much fun. We rode down every overlook and stopped to soak in the beauty and watch the Egrids fly around. Of course being the competitive family we are no bike ride is complete without a race, so Dad and I raced the last little bit back to the truck! I almost died but I won! We have a re-matched schedule the next time I am home. Thanks to Pam and Jim my last meal at home was the perfect southern meal: Fried Fish, Hushpuppies, Cole Slaw and Bananas Fosters. We had a great evening with friends and family watching, YES, even more football and telling stories into the wee hours of the morning on the porch!

porch sittin'

A long, good vacation made for a long post. Congratulations and thank you if you made it to the bottom!!

Whoever said birthday's post 21 were no fun lied. I have had the best, never-ending 23rd birthday celebration! It all started Friday morning when I got to work. I was already in a great mood because 1) it was Friday and 2) Mom was coming to visit! Then I get to work and do the usual morning ritual, have some yogurt, do the crossword puzzle, and check my e-mails. Well, my sweet Dad sent me an e-mail birthday wish that was so sweet and special that it brought tears to my eyes.Then I turned around to my friends at work bringing me a bouquet of white roses! The work day wasn’t so bad and I could hardly wait to get off because Bailey wasn’t telling me where I could pick up my birthday happy until right before I could go pick it up. So when I got off work I rushed home and went to the surprise location and picked up my Edible Arrangement! It was really good and the fruit was fresh just in case you were wandering! Once I got home Mom told me to look in the fridge and low-and-behold she had brought me a Sugaree’s red velvet cake all the way from Mississippi. She really packed it in her carry on!! Needless to say that is why my birthday celebration has yet to end. That cake and I have a love/hate relationship. It takes everything I have to not have a piece for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! If you have never had a Sugaree’s cake you are missing out. The rest of the evening Mom and I ran some errands and had dinner at Joseph Leonard.

Then came Saturday, my actual birthday! It was a perfect day…the sun was shining, mom and I walked the high line, and then I met my friends at Freeman’s for a birthday brunch. The food was amazing and the mimosas and good company were even better! The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping (surprise!). We went in some antique and vintage stores and then to my all-time favorite store, All Saints. Saturday really was the best day. Thanks to all of my friends and family for the phone calls and cards! It means a lot to know I have not been forgotten up here in the big city!

Sunday brought much needed rains to the city! But that was not holding Mom back from our trip to the grocery… and I am not complaining one bit!! I always look forward to the grocery store, especially with Mom. It used to be my favorite thing to do as a child. We would go to Winn-Dixie and I would push my mini-buggy around and then beg Mom for a pack of Fruit Stripes gum and a quarter to get a sticky hand out of the toy machine on the way out!! It makes me laugh…I still love the grocery..except now it's the gum and trashy magazines that get me! The rest of the day was spent wandering around in between the bottom falling out. My last night with Mom ended beautifully. We had a delicious Italian meal at Palma in the West Village. It was the perfect setting…Imagine a covered back patio in between several buildings, with lots of greenery and flowers, pouring rain, and homemade ribbon pasta served by extremely attractive Italian men! All Mom and I thought about at dinner was how much dad would have enjoyed it. He appreciates the small things in life and eating dinner on the back porch during a thunderstorm is a favorite.

I sent Mom on her way Monday morning, went for a run in the rain, and then made my way to work to tackle the day. It was a typical Monday-except worse because it was nasty and rainy outside. After lunch I was making some copies for Frank when he told me I had to come to a meeting in the showroom. I questioned “You want me in that meeting?” Still.. I thought nothing of it so I ran got my notebook and pen and made my way to the meeting. Just when I thought the birthday celebration was over I walked in the “meeting” to be greeted with Crumbs cupcakes!! My wonderful co-workers got me!!! They really surprised me and if you know me, you know I love surprises. So that was it, the birthday celebration is over (except for the half a cake in my kitchen) !! Thank you so much to everyone who made it special and to my mom for a perfect, relaxing weekend in the city (and the best presents ever)!!!

My roses from Robyn and Elaine
The most most beautiful, amazing Mom in the world...We missed you too Dad!!
All of my gifts from Belly!!
Birthday Brunch

Next on the list....await Josh and Theresa's arrival!! Another weekend of good company and good food! Can't wait

-Liz xx

On Saturday I finally got to hangout with my BFF. We established standing in the middle of Grand Central Station that it had been 358 days since the last time we saw each other which is pretty ridiculous considering he is only 2 hours away by train. Casey and I became best friends when we spent a summer in London together. Our friendship is one of those where no matter how long it has been since we have seen each other we can sit down and pick up right where we left off...and that is exactly what we did on Saturday over a few (too many) cold drinks. The weather was amazing so we started off the evening at The Half Pint underneath my apartment and we ended the evening at 4 in the morning at Iggy's in the LES. I had the best time!! I haven't danced and laughed that much in a while...My early birthday celebration was definitely a success. Sadly enough we didn't take a single picture. But I will leave you with some of my favorites from London!

Where it all began!

and this pretty much sums us up

Thanks for coming to visit Case and I promise it will not be 358 days before we see each other again. I will come see you in CT very soon! In the meantime I will be searching for the perfect fanny pack and practice the proper pronunciation of insurance and New Haven. Love you bunches!

I love to shop...not necessarily buy things but just browse. The convenience of shopping is definitely one thing I love about NYC and if I bought something every time I went shopping I would be buried in debt. I literally go in my favorite stores atleast once a week...rather it be on my stroll home from work, after brunch on Saturday, etc. and if I am not physically shopping. I am online shopping! Sad but true....I like to think it's okay because I am supposed to know what is happening in's my job.'s almost that time again! The time where I can eat a huge piece of Carnegie Deli cheescake and not feel guilty about it and the time where I can buy myself a little happy. My birthday is August 21 and I have quite the wishlist......

1) A denim vest- I have so many outfits in mind that revolve all around this little item. I have found two I really like. The first is a bit more structured from J.Crew and the second caught my eye in the Lucky window on the way home yesterday.

2) Roberts Revival Radio- The neatest thing ever...who could possibly not fall in love with a navy blue, leather, 50's-style radio? It even has a handle!! I just need to do a little more research and see if my faithful iPhone will plug into it.

3) Shoes- I am almost positive my birthday happy to myself will be a pair of shoes. You can never have too many shoes in your closet. My latest obsessions are Oxfords and clogs. Do you go for the more traditional clog or the sandal clog? I tried both of them on in Free People yesterday and still can't decide. I also love the basic brown Oxford. They would be perfect with some pointelle ankle socks and little girly frock.

4) The WoollyPocket- This is exactly what I want in my apartment. Daily Candy featured the Woolly Pocket in their e-mail the other day and I have been thinking about it ever since. It's the next best thing to a flower bed I can get!

5) Nail Polish- After 22 years I finally quit biting my nails!!! For those that know me well, y'all would be so proud. Now that the skanky acrylics are gone and I am au natural..I love me some fingernail polish!! I am not sure what color to go for next but I have my eye on these three:
1- Factory Grey by American Apparel 2- Midnight Cami by Essie 3-Mandarin at Duane Reade

....and that pretty much sums it up. The truth of it all: I "NEED" nothing listed above. I would be perfectly content with a great weekend and beautiful weather when my sweet Momma comes to visit me for my birthday... but who doesn't like to wish every now-and-then?

I am off to wash some dishes and cash happy tomorrow is Friday!

I am currently wide awake due to the medicine I am taking to get rid of "the germ" that was passed to me from my sweet, loving family (thanks Coop and TC) while in Mississippi for the Neshoba County Fair. I often spend times like this one on the internet. I read blog after blog after blog and stalk person after person on facebook. (Yes, I said stalk. Atleast I am being honest. Facebook is a bit creepy). After it being the third night in a row of sleep being far from an option. I have read every blog update that I missed while I was away on vacation and I have looked at approximately 834 facebook photo albums. So, yes I have finally entered the realm of blogging. Actually, I have been "mildly obsessed" with following blogs for a while now and tonight seemed to be the perfect night to start my own blog. I have had a personal battle about starting a blog for a while now because I always felt like I needed a reason to have one. Whether it be I am a newlywed, or I am going to share my crafty ideas, post daily pictures of my wardrobe, or perhaps I am back packing across Europe. I, however don't have any reason to blog other than to comfort myself in knowing I will not forget any more exciting or not so exciting adventures that will occur in my life. Maybe I will even remember to take pictures with something other than the Hipstamatic app on the faithful iPhone. I also hope my blog will bring joy to those friends and family members that I miss dearly. I hate talking on the phone more than anything so when I do it is always the "life is life, I am loving the big city." I never actually take time share day-to-day things with friends and family that I used to be surrounded by daily. With that being said, I hope whoever stumbles upon this little fairy tale will enjoy.

Please note, I am by no means a good writer...I type how I talk, but without the southern twang. Grammar, forget about it! English was never my strong suit. Please forgive me in advance for all of the grammatical errors and misspellings that will occur throughout this blog.

Speaking of Hipstamatic photos....
Good Night From NYC!

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